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Creating A Safer Home For Aging Owners

Creating a Safer Home for Aging Owners

Bathroom with modifications to maintain a safe home for elderly people including shower wand, fold-down shower seat, grab bars and low threshhold shower

It’s no surprise given the huge numbers of baby boomers that articles related to aging are increasing. Maintaining a safe home for elderly (and not so elderly folks) is an area of particular interest. Aging in Place, is a term coined to describe the fact that most people, when surveyed by AARP, said that they would prefer to remain in their own home rather than moving to assisted living.

While it makes perfect sense to stay in a place you feel comfortable, perhaps is already paid for, and is filled with wonderful memories, it doesn’t mean it’s ideal or safe for the changes that often accompany aging. In this recent article in the New York Times, Tips for Creating a Home for Aging Owners you’ll find suggestions for home modifications, in order to safely age-in-place, from the simple to the complex. You might start with installing attractive integrated grab bars in your bathroom and end up redesigning your kitchen. Click here to read the entire article and check our Mobül Solution Center for more information about Aging in Place.

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