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Collaboration with CSULB Industrial Design Program

For the second year, Mobül was delighted to collaborate with the Industrial Design department at CSULB. Led by Professor Wesley Woelfel, the students visited Mobül, selected an item to revisualize, and researched, conceptualized and designed their chosen product. Members of the Mobül team, Mike Zeman, a product rep with over 30 years experience in the home medical equipment market, and Jason Ivey, an industrial designer and a graduate himself of the CSULB program, met with the students several times to review their progress and provide feedback related to practicality, cost to market and aesthetics. At the culmination of the project, student Rene Zavala who addressed a much-needed gap in the market with his innovative design for a walker tray, received the first place honors. Once again, Mobül found this project to be incredibly valuable to the students, and to Mobül and look forward to collaborating again.

To learn more about the Cal State University Long Beach Industrial Design project from Professor Woelfel and how the students were charged with addressing mobility issues, and to hear from Rene Zavala who received first place honors, click here.

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