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Let’s Tip Our CAPS To Roy!

Let’s Tip our CAPS to Roy!

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It’s a fact: Most people want to remain in their own homes. We’ve mentioned previously that AARP conducted a survey and over 90% of the participants stated that staying in their current home was the goal. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) got to work creating a curriculum to teach best practices for making homes safe, secure and “visitable” and they call it CAPS for “Certified Aging in Place Specialist”.

Roy Hanna, our ace General Manager, recently completed their program making him well equipped to lend guidance when considering what to do to safely age-in-place. Fortunately, Mobül has always made safety and dignity important priorities, so we’re ready to help with a broad selection of well-made and attractive items and resources for getting it installed. No need to look like you’re living in a medical facility.

Did you notice the NAHB uses the word “visitable” as a key component of their focus? We think that’s spot-on because the homeowner may not necessarily be the person needing assistance, but you would certainly not want to discourage a loved-one or friend from visiting you simply because your home was too challenging. Definitely food for thought.

Stop on by, or better yet, give a call and schedule some time to chat with Roy and see how the Mobül team can help.



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