Compuwork specializes working with Architecture Firms. We have offices & affiliates across the US, and most major cities in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Technology plays a critical role in the office of every architect.

With close to 20 years of direct experience providing IT consulting and support services to design businesses in NYC, Compuwork genuinely understands the challenges you face and what you need to thrive.

We have an intimate knowledge of how architectural tools and business processes work and can increase your firm’s productivity with IT solutions for every area of your business. Our team brings years of expertise to bear on the unique needs of architecture IT.

At Compuwork, we’ve built long-standing relationships with many NYC design firms. Ask them what they appreciate most about our consulting and tech support services, and you’ll get a range of answers. It could be our fast response time, personalized service, intuitive problem-solving skills, or the fact that we’re approachable, reliable, and respectful of their time and business.

In essence, we’re IT professionals who speak your language. We leverage our background in computers, design, engineering, and business to provide complete, customized solutions to you.

Our CAD consulting services include:

  • AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, MicroStation, and Vectorworks installation and maintenance
  • AutoDesk License Manager installation and management
  • AutoCAD printing and plotting configuration and installation
  • AutoCAD and Revit custom configuration and workspace deployment
  • CAD drawing standards development for firms and projects
Get the most out of your technology with reliable IT services that respond to your business needs and goals.

In finance, you often balance risks for rewards—but when it comes to the security of your data, you can’t take any risks.

As a bank, brokerage firm, or financial advisory, your business aims to inspire confidence and deliver peace of mind. Your IT infrastructure needs to do the same.

With so much sensitive data floating around—from customer accounts, to personal information, to confidential communications—you need to ensure your network is as safe and secure as possible. That means protecting your information not only from outside hackers breaching your system, but also from inside employees mishandling information or worse.

Compuwork helps you reduce these risks with ironclad network security, robust and redundant backup solutions, cybersecurity and cyber policies aligned with SEC, FINRA and other regulatory requirements, and customized databases and interfaces.

Critically, we’re always on call and ready respond to any issue within 30 minutes or less and typically resolve most issues within an hour—because when something’s wrong with your IT, time is money.

Protect your data, preserve critical information, and benefit from custom databases configurations that let you manage and analyze financial data faster.

Run your business through the cloud for lower costs, greater flexibility, and secure access anytime, anywhere.

We know that these are some of the most pressing needs for Law Firms when it comes to IT:

  • Client Management and Customer Relationship Management
  • Case Matter Management
  • Scan, Print, Fax and Email/E-Fax Integration
  • Document Management and Archives
  • Automated Time and Billing Functionality
  • Digital Trial Presentation and Preparation
  • Back Office Accounting Services
  • Paperless Practice Management Capabilities
  • Docketing
  • Email with User-Friendly Functionality
  • Unified Communications and Phone Systems

We’ve been servicing our clients for over a decade and look forward to working with them for years to come.

Feel the confidence that comes with comprehensive care for all your IT infrastructure.

Find everything you need faster with custom-built IT solutions.

As a logistics company, you need to know the exact location of your inventory at any given time—but sprawling warehouses, haphazard systems, and ineffective communication can make that an impossible task.

That’s where Compuwork comes in. We build innovative logistic management solutions customized to your precise needs. Imagine knowing where every item is at all times, whether tucked away in a warehouse corner, in transit on a truck, or successfully delivered to its terminal.

Track all of your inventory, locate items on detailed virtual maps, and get the information you need to streamline your employees’ workflows. We can even create software systems to identify the most efficient routes via live traffic studies, saving your company time and money.

You know the value of consistent, reliable service in logistics. IT is no different: whether you need a custom solution or traditional IT services, Compuwork is here for you night and day—24/7/365, we respond to any issue within 30 minutes or less.

Feel the confidence that comes with comprehensive care for all your IT infrastructure.

Whether you produce furniture, airplanes, or consumer goods, you know that manufacturing involves a million different pieces. Seemingly simple tasks like tracking and locating your raw materials can eat up tons of time on an industrial scale—costing your business’s efficiency and output.

Compuwork develops custom IT solutions and provides managed IT services to help manufacturing companies get more done. From supply chain management software, to internal apps that help you track, find, and use materials faster, we’ll work with you to a bespoke system designed to boost your productivity.

Your IT needs don’t end there—and neither do our services. We can also build your website, manage your servers, secure your network, and provide comprehensive support; we respond to all IT issues within 30 minutes, 24/7/365, and work quickly to set everything right.

Your data means everything—we’ll help you keep it safe and sound with multiple layers of robust IT defense.
Whether you’re running a single-doctor office, or you’re a hospital or clinic administrator, you’re tethered to technology.

Compuwork’s medical IT support helps manage your practice, provides access to research, improves collaborative medicine, streamlines communication with your patients – and much more. All while making sure you meet HIPAA compliance. Keeping that technology up and running 24/7/365 is a multifaceted challenge in the healthcare field. Medical providers don’t always have the resources to own their infrastructure and keep it operating at peak performance every minute of every day. Compuwork’s outsourced IT services help medical and healthcare providers keep their resources in top shape.
Compuwork helps medical practices slash the cost of buying and managing technology, from strategy and planning to full outsourced management.

• Meet Current HIPPA Regulations
• Provide Frequent Reports of Our Processes with You
• Disaster Recovery
• Manage Software Updates
• Firewall Installation and Management
• Compliance with Increasing Government Regulations
• Cloud Computing
• Ensure Applications are Operational at All Times
• Increase Security and Protection
• Reduce Overall Time Spent on IT
• Helpdesk and On-Site Support
• Software Updates
• Email Encryption
• Prevent System Failures

We Understand Your Medical IT Challenges and Are Here to Help Your Business

Patient Satisfaction
Today, your patients expect to interact with you anywhere anytime. Increasingly, they don’t want to call you to handle routine things, preferring instead to check test results, make appointments and find information online.

If your IT infrastructure’s not up to date, you can face sluggish speeds and security risks.

IT Support for Non-Profit Organizations and Associations

More donors, sponsors, and volunteers are turning to technology to facilitate actions, make connections, and grow awareness in their communities. Non-profit “back-office” functions such as financial reporting, sustainability planning, and performance measurement are all based on IT capabilities. Non-profits organizations are now experiencing the close relationship between their IT infrastructure and the ability to sustain their mission.

Most non-profits face similar IT challenges:

  • Finance: Non-profits “struggle” with IT budgeting, whether it is because of real cash flow issues or because every dollar spent here is a dollar less than can be dedicated towards their mission.
  • People: It makes no sense for non-profits to carry deep technical expertise in-house. Outsourcing IT functions and/or staff augmentation allows non-profits to deliver more dollars to their mission and give their staff the IT support and expertise as needed.
  • Mobile: You want to be able to capture donations and donor information very efficiently. Having the right mobile technology tools can help drive both of these at donor events. Are your donor apps mobile ready? Is your website mobile ready? Is it all secure?

Compuwork takes on the responsibility and accountability for managing your entire IT environment to deliver the performance and security your board members and donors expect. By spending less of your time and resources on technology, your organization can devote more time to interacting with sponsors, volunteers, and donors–who, as a community, can drive your mission.

Our Non-Profit Knowledge

Not only do non-profits have budgetary constraints but they have a fiduciary obligation to their donors to operate their IT environments in an efficient and secure manner.  Compuwork’s fixed prices, which include security services and full 24×7 support, can make IT work for non-profit organizations.  Our knowledge of donor management software and membership management software can assist any non-profit organization.  Many non-profits have to maintain compliance with several IT process and security standards including HIPAA, PCI and SSAE 16.  Compuwork maintains compliance with all of these standards and can show you how our operating environment can assist you in any audit.

Non-profit organizations just want something that works. You want technology resources you can depend on, and you want to know you are getting expert advice. When it comes to finding the biggest-bang for a non-profit’s buck, non-profits are turning to Compuwork for our professional expertise, and advanced technology that turns your challenges into opportunities for growth and new funding.

IT Support for Non-Profit Organizations include:

Professional IT Services– Our IT leaders organize your IT operations to enable maximum efficiency and growth in your business.

Managed IT Services– Every device you rely on to run your mission is maintained and supported 24×7. We proactively manage your devices both remotely and on-site.

Cloud Services– Get the benefits of an enterprise-class data center for a fraction of the cost with advanced security and protection, industry compliance criteria, risk management, redundant connectivity, and customizable backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Complete IT Outsourcing– An overall IT strategy and complete IT support package to align technology, processes, and people with your key business objectives.

We have compiled a list below to help you determine if IT as a Service (ITaaS) is a good fit for your nonprofit organization:

  • Growth of your data is increasing, and your IT infrastructure cannot keep up
  • Legacy systems exist and are quickly becoming obsolete and harder to support
  • Number of sites, devices, systems and users is increasing
  • As everything is growing so is your ability to manage risk, security and compliance
  • Finance wants to move from a capital to an operating expense model
  • Existing IT infrastructure is fragmented and becoming more complex to manage and monitor
  • Maintenance is burdensome and licensing, and support contracts are becoming problems
  • You are just spending more time and effort on IT issues

If you accept that data is critical to your nonprofit business and that the management of that data is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a provider like Compuwork that will be a partner with you, and not a faceless vendor who just sells a commodity solution.

Work faster and more efficiently with secure, fully managed servers.

If you run a real estate brokerage, you know that online presence and powerful tech tools have never been more important.

Modern technology has impacted the real estate business dramatically. Every day, more buyers and renters are finding their next home online.

Not only do you need to attract new clients with engaging online listings, you also need the tools to help them find exactly what they’re looking for—if you don’t, they’ll search out someone else who can.

That’s where Compuwork comes in. As your full-service IT partner, we can design and develop websites for your listings that are easy-to-use, alluring, stable, search engine optimized, and strategically crafted to capture more leads.

We can also help you organize all your information with a custom-built customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Easily keep track of your listings, customers, and communications. Whether you want to set up contract reminders, perform advanced searches to find properties to suit your clients, or streamline your workflows, we’ll develop a system according to your particular needs.

You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for Apple’s slick design and secure, stable system.

Sell more and work smoothly with IT built around your business.

Running a retail business is anything but easy. Behind your pristine storefront, you’ve got to deal with a million moving parts, from inventory, to ordering, to marketing. Transform your store into a well-oiled selling machine with custom-built technology solutions.

Whether you’re supporting your brick-and-mortar or opening an e-commerce store for the first time, Compuwork will walk you through all your tech needs. We’ll give you an array of different options at diverse price-points and help you determine what’s most cost-effective for your shop.

Looking for a user-friendly e-commerce site? A seamless point-of-sale system that provides actionable business intelligence? Secure server and network management? No problem. We’ll even craft bespoke software solutions suited to your needs to streamline inventory tracking, purchase ordering, employee management, and more.

Upgrade, secure, and maintain your IT infrastructure to meet your goals—and your budget.

Feel the confidence that comes with comprehensive care for all your IT infrastructure.

As a growing business, you need to ensure that your data is managed and protected on a daily basis.

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), data is both a valuable asset and a risky liability. It’s not enough to defend yourself from external attacks: you also need to manage your users’ internal access.

That calls for a centralized system for your IT infrastructure—but dealing with user permissions and policies takes time, vigilance, and expertise.

That’s where Compuwork comes in. We’ll help you centralize your systems and completely manage your technology infrastructure on a day-to-day basis— keeping your data safe and sound.

We’ll also maintain, update, and optimize your servers, workstations, and other physical inventory, so nothing stops you and your employees from getting things done. Our experts respond to any issue within 30 minutes, 24/7. Acting as an extension of your team, Compuwork delivers confidence, control, and peace of mind.

Feel the confidence that comes with comprehensive care for all your IT infrastructure.

When your startup’s getting off the ground and growing fast, it can be hard to know your IT needs—we’re here to help.

Seeing your startup succeed is exhilarating, but it’s also a little scary. Scaling up can come with a few growing pains, especially when it’s time to look at new IT solutions and infrastructure.

When startups expand, it’s easy to overspend on IT—most companies will sell you on the second-most expensive option without even learning exactly what you need it for. Why pay for features you won’t actually use?

At Compuwork, we listen carefully to your goals, explain everything so you understand, and find the best solutions at competitive and cost-effective price points—even when it hurts our profits. Why? Because we’re interested in building a long-term relationship based on trust and value, not making a one-time steal.

From setting up and securing servers, to building websites designed to bolster your business model, to negotiating with third-party tech vendors on your behalf, rely on Compuwork as your startup’s trusted IT partner.