Get the most out of your technology with reliable IT services that respond to your business needs and goals.

Technology exists to empower us—it’s supposed to make us faster, smarter, and more connected. Too often, it can seem to hinder your work instead of helping it.

Compuwork changes all that. We make sure your tech is always at its best, from high-performing servers and flexible cloud solutions, to ironclad network security and efficient workflows.

You shouldn’t have to struggle against your IT—it should clear your obstacles, not create them. By proactively monitoring, managing, and optimizing your IT infrastructure, we transform your tech from a bucking bull to a wind at your back.

We realize that your organization is much than your technology. That’s why we listen carefully, understand your business model, and work consultatively to solve problems in ways that augment your bottom-line.

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Feel the confidence that comes with comprehensive care for all your IT infrastructure.

Great IT service providers are like referees in a championship game: if they’re doing their job right, you’ll never notice them. You shouldn’t have to struggle with your IT consultants every other day when something else breaks down.

At Compuwork, our managed IT solutions take a proactive approach, monitoring, maintaining, and upgrading your infrastructure to prevent interruptions. As we work diligently in the background, you may not notice everything we do—but you will notice your company saving time, money, and getting more done.

In the rare case that an issue does pop up, we spring into action: Compuwork responds to all requests in 30 minutes or less, 24/7/365. From servers and workstations, to networks and IT security, we’re always here for you.

Facing a new business challenge, but not sure how your tech can help? Talk to us. Together, we’ll develop a custom IT solution to address your needs and reach your goals. We’re more than technicians—we’re strategists.

Work faster and more efficiently with secure, fully managed servers.

Whether you’re sending an email, saving a file, or showing your coworkers a viral cat video, servers are the engines behind almost everything you do. As the central nervous system for your business’s data, servers can accelerate your work—or slow it to a grinding halt.

At Compuwork, we do more than simply install and configure servers. We’ll optimize them to your needs—whether that includes email, file storage, or both—and proactively maintain them. That means we don’t wait for something to go wrong—we make sure it’s always performing at its best.

From on-site servers to private cloud servers, Compuwork provides several layers of ironclad security, helping to protect you from spam, viruses, malware, and intrusions. In the rare event that something goes wrong, you’ll be covered with disaster recovery, built-in backups, and 24/7 support. We’ll respond within 30 minutes or less—even at 3am—and resolve any issue shortly after.

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You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for Apple’s slick design and secure, stable system.

Popular thinking says that when it comes to operating systems, you can choose either beauty (Mac OS X) or brawn (Windows). Popular thinking’s wrong.

You can get the best of both worlds—with our skilled Mac IT services, support, and solutions. Mac OS X file and email servers offer the same powerful user permissions, configuration controls, and remote management as Windows.

Need a program that only runs on Windows? No problem. We’ll set you up with Parallels or VMware to run Windows on your Mac and effortlessly switch between operating systems.

Rely on Compuwork to help you migrate, maintain, and optimize your Mac environment with strategy solutions and 24/7 support. Why are we so efficient and effective with OS X? Because we use Macs ourselves everyday for our highly technical needs—and we use that expertise to help your business do more on Mac.

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Mac IT Services & Support

  • Mac OS X File Servers
  • Mac OS X Email Servers
  • Mac Migration
  • Mac IT Maintenance
Your data means everything—we’ll help you keep it safe and sound with multiple layers of robust IT defense.

Your company’s IT infrastructure faces an array of security threats. From annoying spam to devastating hacks to malicious viruses, there’s no shortage of bad guys trying to break into your network, servers, and hardware.

Compuwork goes above and beyond to keep you safe. Defending your data with software-based firewalls is pretty standard—and we do it meticulously—but for ironclad IT security, you’ll need to step up your game. Stop attacks before they reach your software with enterprise-level hardware-based firewalls, web filters, and more.

Our cybersecurity experts are on hand to lock down your trade secrets, client data, and critical infrastructure. Count on Compuwork’s team for IT security and peace of mind, so you can focus on what really matters: making your business even better.

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IT Security Services

  • Software & Hardware Firewalls
  • Email Security
  • Safe Browsing Filters
  • Sever Audits & Security
  • Network & Perimeter Security
  • Leak Prevention Solutions
Bolster your business and streamline finances by getting more out of Intuit QuickBooks.

QuickBooks accounting software is industry’s standard-bearer for a reason: it empowers your company to track and manage finances, automate invoices, and gain business insights easily.

But are you making the most of it? You might be shocked to find how just much QuickBooks can really do.

Compuwork’s experts will help you unleash QuickBook’s full potential. From installation and setup, to ongoing training and support, to updates, backups, file conversions, and remote access, we’ll help you take advantage of all QuickBooks has to offer. We can integrate your software with your point-of-sale system and e-commerce site.

Beyond technical services and support, you’ll actually learn to use QuickBooks faster and more effectively. That’s because we use the software ourselves. Better yet, we work closely with a trusted accounting firm that can step in for extra assistance if you need it.

If your IT infrastructure’s not up to date, you can face sluggish speeds and security risks.

Compuwork provides end-to-end cabling services including the installation of Firewalls, Routers, Switches and Access Points. We support your communications infrastructure from networks to server closet, server rooms and telecommunication. Our expertise encompasses professional, tested and certified Fiber, CAT 5e, CAT 6, and other cable installations.

Do you have a new build-out? Adding employees, computers, or phones? Moving locations? Whole network is slow?  We will lay out a plan to meet your business goals.

A Well-Planned Cabling Plan Supports Your Business Requirements for Years to Come.

We will plan, install, and implement a complete cable solution, providing a reliable infrastructure that is critical to your entire IT system.

Compuwork offers customized wiring for your office space. From the DMARC to the DESKTOP, Compuwork provides professional, tested, and certified copper (CAT5e and CAT6) and fiber optic cable to connect your computers and phones to the ISP or phone company.

Our cabling technicians have demonstrated a high level of expertise in the proper installation of cabling systems.   Specific areas of practical knowledge include conducting site surveys, pulling wire/cable, and terminating and testing copper and optical fiber cable to the highest level of industry-recognized specification.

Compuwork is the Right Choice for A Structured Cabling Solution.

A well planned, structured cabling solution encompasses all of the pieces that distribute information throughout a building — wires, fibers and cables.  Compuwork provides infrastructure consulting and network cable installation for voice, data, video, wireless and Managed IT solutions.

Get Connected.  Stay Connected. 

Optimum performance begins and ends with quality cabling. Compuwork ensures that your networking’s cabling infrastructure is engineered to support your business goals and requirements.

Run your business through the cloud for lower costs, greater flexibility, and secure access anytime, anywhere.

Unless you’ve been stuck in the Stone Age, you probably know about cloud computing: instead of keeping your data on-site with expensive equipment, you store and access it through “the cloud”—remote servers maintained and managed by a trusted third party.

What’s the upside? No upfront investment, lower ongoing costs, easy scalability, elite security, built-in backups, and around-the-clock global access, just to name a few.

With Compuwork, we’ll handle all your cloud-based needs, from strategic problem solving, to cloud migration, maintenance, and support. We even offer fully managed, private, custom cloud server solutions for file storage, emails, and more.

Cloud Consulting

  • Strategic Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Migration
  • Managed Cloud Server Hosting
  • Private Cloud Servers
  • Government-Grade Security
  • Advanced Disaster Recovery
  • 24/7 Support
Your point of sale (POS) solution can be so much more than a digital cash register—if you know how to use it.

Sure, that antique brass cash register earns you some hipster cred—but a modern point of sale setup can actually earn you more money.

Today’s latest POS systems can help you track sales, manage inventory, facilitate new orders, clock employees, analyze customer behavior, and so much more. But getting it all up and running isn’t always easy.

At Compuwork, we’ll install, configure, upgrade, and maintain your POS hardware and software—ensuring your day-to-day operations run smoother, faster, and without interruption.

Get more out of your retail store with an intelligent POS system from Intuit QuickBooks.

There are point of sale solutions, and then there are QuickBooks POS solutions. A cut above the crowd, this system is both easy to use and incredibly powerful: track everything, process credit cards (even during Internet outages), and boost your retail revenues.

Seamlessly sync your real-time sales to QuickBooks’ accounting software for invaluable business intelligence—empowering you to run your store more effectively.

As an Intuit-certified point of sale retail solution expert, Compuwork can help you install, integrate, and upgrade your QuickBooks POS system. Whether we install in-person or remotely, leave the tech work to us—all you’ll have to do is plug it in and start working.

Since we use QuickBooks ourselves, we know how to help you distill strategic insights and profit metrics from your accounting data, transforming sales data into actionable intelligence.

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Restaurant Point of Sale (POS)

Whether you’re serving the finest French cuisine or slinging sliders in a dive bar, you need a POS system that fits the bill.

Restaurants don’t work like other retail businesses, so generic point of sale solutions won’t cut it—you need to track tables, manage servers, modify orders, and more.

At Compuwork, we work to understand your restaurant’s needs and supply the ideal POS system to match. Need several service stations? No problem.

Our POS IT experts can completely install your solution—from figuring out hidden wiring routes, to configuring your unique menu needs, to teaching you how it works. We’re also here to proactively maintain your POS system, fixing any issues before they become a problem.

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iPad Point of Sale (POS)

Power your business with an easy-to-use iPad POS system.

iPads aren’t just for playing Candy Crush until your fingers get sore—they’re also an elegant point of sale solution for small shops, cafés, juice stands, and restaurants.

Besides looking hip, iPad POS offer another key benefit for your small businesses: price. Paying month-to-month with a subscription model simply makes more financial sense for younger and smaller shops, compared to the hefty all-in fees of traditional POS systems.

At Compuwork, we’ll help you identify your needs, find the best solution, and customize it for your company. We work with all iPad POS software, including Square, Revel, and NCR Silver. If you’d like, we can even help you integrate your POS solution into financial software, producing actionable insights to run your business better.

Why wait until something breaks? We proactively support your IT to keep your business humming.

Ever heard the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? It’s dead wrong. When it comes to your company’s critical IT infrastructure, you shouldn’t have to wait until there’s a problem. What if you could maintain, tweak, and optimize your tech to prevent it from breaking down?

Compuwork offers custom IT support solutions to do exactly that. We proactively ensure your IT is in good working order, solving problems before they stop you—that keeps your costs light, your tech healthy, and your business booming.

What if you do have a tech issue? We’re here for you 24/7/365—we’ll start working on your issue within 30 minutes or less (yes, even at 3am).

While competitors outsource and delay, we give you direct access and complete peace of mind. When you call, you won’t talk to an offshore “support center”—you can reach the real people behind Compuwork at any hour, and we’ll jump into action.

From completely managed support to a lighter touch, we offer flexible, cost-effective plans to suit your business needs. Don’t think of us as external IT consultants—consider us an extension of your team.

IT Support

  • Managed IT Support
  • Server Support (Cloud, On-Site, & Hybrid)
  • IT Security Support
  • Network Support
  • POS Support