Get more out of your retail store with an intelligent POS system from Intuit QuickBooks.

There are point of sale solutions, and then there are QuickBooks POS solutions. A cut above the crowd, this system is both easy to use and incredibly powerful: track everything, process credit cards (even during Internet outages), and boost your retail revenues.

Seamlessly sync your real-time sales to QuickBooks’ accounting software for invaluable business intelligence—empowering you to run your store more effectively.

As an Intuit-certified point of sale retail solution expert, Compuwork can help you install, integrate, and upgrade your QuickBooks POS system. Whether we install in-person or remotely, leave the tech work to us—all you’ll have to do is plug it in and start working.

Since we use QuickBooks ourselves, we know how to help you distill strategic insights and profit metrics from your accounting data, transforming sales data into actionable intelligence.

Restaurant Point of Sale (POS)

Whether you’re serving the finest French cuisine or slinging sliders in a dive bar, you need a POS system that fits the bill.

Restaurants don’t work like other retail businesses, so generic point of sale solutions won’t cut it—you need to track tables, manage servers, modify orders, and more.

At Compuwork, we work to understand your restaurant’s needs and supply the ideal POS system to match. Need several service stations? No problem.

Our POS IT experts can completely install your solution—from figuring out hidden wiring routes, to configuring your unique menu needs, to teaching you how it works. We’re also here to proactively maintain your POS system, fixing any issues before they become a problem.

iPad Point of Sale (POS)

Power your business with an easy-to-use iPad POS system.

iPads aren’t just for playing Candy Crush until your fingers get sore—they’re also an elegant point of sale solution for small shops, cafés, juice stands, and restaurants.

Besides looking hip, iPad POS offer another key benefit for your small businesses: price. Paying month-to-month with a subscription model simply makes more financial sense for younger and smaller shops, compared to the hefty all-in fees of traditional POS systems.

At Compuwork, we’ll help you identify your needs, find the best solution, and customize it for your company. We work with all iPad POS software, including Square, Revel, and NCR Silver. If you’d like, we can even help you integrate your POS solution into financial software, producing actionable insights to run your business better.

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