With so much sensitive data floating around

From customer accounts, to personal information, to confidential communications—you need to ensure your network is as safe and secure as possible. That means protecting your information not only from outside hackers breaching your system, but also from inside employees mishandling information or worse.


Compuwork helps you reduce these risks with ironclad network security, robust and redundant backup solutions, cybersecurity program and policies aligned with SEC, FINRA and other regulatory requirements.  We are here to help your financial firm with:

  • Compliance, regulation and risk management strategies (SEC, FINRA, SOX & FDIC.)
  • Infrastructure design, implementation and management.
  • PC, E-mail and data encryption for the transmission of sensitive information.
  • IT Support with 24/7 availability.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery to mitigate data loss, downtime and associated costs.
  • Cloud server migration for escrow, insurance and other financial service providers.
  • Web development, web management and creative services.
  • Location design & build-out.